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Daniel James Howell (aka danisnotonfire) is a popular English youtuber. He was born on June 11th 1991. He currently lives in London, England with fellow youtuber and best friend Philip Michael Lester (aka AmazingPhil). As of September 2014, his YouTube videos have nearly 251,000,000 views and he has just reached 4,000,000 subscribers. Some of his followers saw that he fell down an escalator, and he also fell off of a chair once (which has reached nearly 90,000 views on vyou). He is obviously very clumsy...

His "thing" has somehow become placentas and llamas. Apparently, llamas aren't even his favourite animal, but they are on his list. He is a massive Muse fan and he has a man-crush on singer and guitarist Matt Bellamy. He has said that both his and Phil's favourite album is 'Origin of Symmetry' by Muse. 

Most recently on one of his live shows on YouNow on December 11th, 2012, Daniel accidently acknowledged that he was a "fulltime Internet homo," adding to his already lengthily title as the Internet Cult Leader, the Phandom's tall, sassy, square-haired, Mexican lesbian king, and the recently elected sugarscape Hottest Lad of 2012.  

Dan has also become part of the famous "Fantastic Foursome" group of English youtubers, who includes Dan, Phil Lester (aka AmazingPhil), Chris Kendall (aka Crabstickz) and PJ Liguori (aka KickthePj). 

Dan's schedule

Super Amazing ProjectMonday - The Super Amazing Project with AmazingPhilTuesday - Live Show on YouNow, 9:00pm, London timeFriday - Upload new vlog/video on his main channel. 

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